Cleaner Technologies in Leather Processing

A workshop titled “Implementation of Cleaner Production Options” held on April 29, 2004 at National Institute of Leather Technology (NILT) for the connected tanneries with Environmental Management Program of PTA (SZ) Environmental Society. This workshop was organized to conclude the series of workshops on the above mentioned title. This series of workshops was organized in individual tanneries with the aim to provide the clear understanding regarding the implementation mechanism and benefits of cleaner technologies. The aforesaid workshops were organized in the following tanneries.

1. Mian Mohammad Shafi.
2. Zahur Sancho (Pvt.)Ltd.
3. Mohammad Ashraf & Sons.
4. Khas(Pvt.) Ltd.
5. Khastan (Pvt.) Ltd.
6. MIMA Ltd.
7. Hafiz Tannery.
8. Pak Leather Craft (Pvt.) Ltd.
9. Mansoor Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd.
10. Universal Leather & Footwear Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

Personnel of Korangi tannery cluster from the above mentioned tanneries got the opportunity to attend these workshops.


To demonstrate the implementation mechanism of available cleaner technologies and benefits of the same and distribution of certificates among the participants of series of workshop.


The main features of the workshop held on April 29, 2004 are presented below:

1. Registration of participants.
2.Recitation of holy Quran.
3.Welcome speech.
4.Objective and introduction of the workshop.
5.Demonstration and benefits of implementation mechanism and benefits of CT’s.
6.Concluding session.
7.Vote of thanks.

About 25 participants attended the workshop. The workshop started at 4 PM with the recitation of Holy Quran, after the recitation Mr. Izhar Ul Haque, Project Coordinator, Cleaner Technology Program, CTP-KT briefed about the objective of the workshop of April 29, 2004. The objective of the workshop is presented below:

After the welcome address, a documentary video film titled “Cleaner Production Options” was shown to the participants with the aim to provide the understanding regarding the benefits & implementation mechanism of Cleaner Technologies. This documentary is produced by CTP-KT team After briefing the objective of workshop by Mr. Izhar Ul Haque welcome speech was given by Mr. Gulzar Firoz, president, PTA (SZ) Environmental Society.

After the demonstration of this documentary a presentation on the common issues related to cleaner technologies and implementation was given by Mr. Mark Lucas, Senior Leather Technologist of British Leather Centre (BLC) Mr. Mark Lucas appreciated the participants for being progressive and interactive during his presentation and in the series of workshops organized in individual tanneries as well. Mr. Mark Lucas said that he is happy to see that the Pakistani tanners are well aware about the cleaner technologies and interested in acquiring more knowledge about the same.

In the end Mr. Mark Lucas highlighted the importance and benefits of CT’s . He said by the adopting cleaner technologies cost can be saved on leather processing and it is financially beneficial. Recycling doesn’t create any adverse impact on the quality of leather. In other words can technologies can be termed environmental friendly and cost effective technologies. After his presentation certificates were distributed among the participants of series of workshop.

Feedback on the documentary was obtained by the participants of workshop. The participants appreciated the effort of CTP-KT team for preparing this technical documentary video film and demonstrated their interest in acquiring the knowledge regarding implementation mechanism of Cleaner Production in tanneries. The workshop was ended with the vote of thanks by Mian Ahsan Illahi, President, PTA (SZ).