Environmental Management System (EMS)

A workshop on Environmental Management System (EMS) and ISO 14001 Certification was organized on May 28, 2003, with the aim to provide the better understanding and benefits for EMS-ISO 14001 certification. Mr.Izhar Ul Haq Project Coordinator Cleaner Technology Program for Korangi Tanneries (CTP-KT) facilitates the workshop.
The workshop started with the recitation of holy Quran, Mr.Tanveer Ahmed Senior Vice President PTA (SZ) Environmental Society gave the welcome speech. He appreciate the participants in his welcome address, to be progressive for taking initiatives to solve the environmental problems of leather sector,
And appreciated the tanners for their contribution in the CETP. He also described about the objectives, benefits and the future activities of CTP-KT and requested to participants for their cooperation in the same.
Mr. Tanveer Ahmed emphasized to adopt the Cleaner Production Options in the tanneries and highlighted the benefits of the same. After the welcome address a presentation was made on National and International Legislation and Requirement of EMS-ISO 14001, by Mr. Azher Uddin Khan, Managing Director, National Environmental Consulting Company. The legislative requirements and history of the same were communicated to all the participants..
A presentation by the title of Concept and Procedures of EMS-ISO 14001 was given by Mr. M. Rafi Ghaus Project Coordinator, Cleaner Production Program. This presentation demonstrated the whole implementation procedures and the concepts of the Environmental Management System.

The last presentation was given by Mr.Izhar Ul Haq Project Coordinator, Cleaner Technology Program for Korangi Tanneries on Environmental Management in Leather sector. The presentation was focused on the practical steps to be taken with in a tannery for implementation of EMS.
After the completion of presentations, two groups were formed and exercises were provided to the participants to prepare few elements regarding EMS. The both group leaders made presentations after the completion of exercises. A leaflet prepared on Environmental Management System was also presented to the participants. Feed back was obtained from the participants regarding the workshop organized on EMS (ISO 14001).
The participants appreciated the efforts of CTP-KT team for organizing the workshop on EMS-ISO 14001 and shown their interest towards attending these types of beneficial events in the future.
Mr. Tanveer Ahmed distributed the certificates among the participants.
The workshop was ended with the vote of thanks by Mian Ahsan Elahi, member of executive committee PTA (SZ) ES.
Mr. Ahsan Elahi appreciated the efforts of CTP-KT Project Team to organize this beneficial event for the tanneries, he also appreciated the participants who attended the workshop and requested them to insist the other colleagues of their sector to attend the same, as these workshops are specially planned for their benefit.