Tests for Water Quality and Purity of Process Chemicals

A workshop titled “Tests for water quality and purity of process chemicals” was held on August 31, 2004 at National Institute of Leather Technology” (NILT). This workshop was aimed to trained the laboratory and production staff of tanneries through practical demonstration and exercises.


The main objective to organize this workshop was to give the practical demonstration on following testing procedures with the aim to trained the professionals of tanneries.

Testing procedures

1. Hardness of Water.
2. Purity of acids.
3. Chrome Purity.
4. Purity of Salts.
5. Purity of Fat & Liquor.
6. Sodium Meta bi Sulphate Purity.

This workshop is foreseen facilitating for the laboratory and production staff to deliver their assign tasks effectively and smoothly.


The workshop started at 2:00 PM and ended at 5:00 PM. Total 39 participants attended this workshop and shown their interest in it. A file having , presentation, handouts having details of testing procedures and writing papers were presented to the participants.
At the start of workshop ,detail introduction of this workshop was given to all the participants by Mr. Ibad Ur Rehamn of CTP-KT. After the introduction a presentation, on each test procedure, was given by Mr. Rashid Ahmed, Deputy Project Coordinator, CTP-KT.
After the detail presentation, practical demonstration was also given on above mentioned testing procedures, by Mr. Rashid Ahmed, deputy Project Coordinator CTP-KT. After the practical demonstration, participants were divided into five groups. Each group was consisted on five members.

These group members were asked to exercise the test procedures in their groups. Tests and name of groups are presented in Table1.
The participants of workshop performed well in groups exercises. The environment of this workshop was very friendly and participants were facilitating their collogues. Team members of CTP-KT were also facilitating the groups during group exercise.